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Twycross Zoo

Set in more than 80-acres of beautiful Leicestershire countryside, Twycross Zoo is renowned as a World Primate Centre and has a wide variety of monkeys and apes including the UK’s only group of bonobos. Twycross also holds a range of other species including Asian elephants, snow leopards, penguins, meerkats, tapir, hyena, and the world’s rarest big cat, the Amur leopard.
There is plenty to do at the zoo, which also boasts it’s very own Nature Reserve, including walk with the ring-tailed lemurs in their walk-through enclosure; see a troop of emperor tamarins leap above your head in their treetop exhibit, and watch the Humboldt penguins take their daily walk in the popular Penguin Parade. The knowledgeable and dedicated keepers present regular talks and feeds where you can learn a bit more about some of the animals including the chimpanzees, Asian elephants and South American coatis.

There have been some exciting new additions to Twycross recently, including the latest exhibit Lorikeet Landing. Explore the 576m2 walkthrough aviary with little pots of nectar, and feed the lively rainbow lorikeets as they swoop down to sip from the pot – if you are lucky one might even land on your head for the perfect photo opportunity!
In addition to the new lorikeet aviary, there is also the new magical Butterfly Forest. Visitors can walk around the winding tropical forest setting and see all four stages of the butterfly life cycle, from egg to caterpillar and from chrysalis to the beautiful butterfly.

Twycross Zoo is also home to some of the rarest animals on earth, like the Amur leopard. Captive breeding programmes in zoos, such as the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) of which Twycross is a member, are critical to the survival of endangered species. Thanks to one of these programmes, Twycross recently welcomed two Amur leopard cubs thanks to mum Kristen and dad Davidoff, and these cute bundles of fun are proving to be a huge hit with visitors!

There are plenty of events planned to keep you entertained at Twycross this Autumn/Winter ; ride the spooky Twycross ghost train this Halloween, and pay Santa a visit in his magical grotto this Christmas.

If you would like to find out more about Twycross Zoo, visit their website or Facebook and Twitter pages – and if you want a daily dose of awesome animal pictures then make sure to follow them on Instagram too! To get in touch via phone please call 0844 474 1777 or email info@twycrosszoo.org

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