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The River Avon

A favourite of visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon is the River Avon. Offering a serene atmosphere and ambience that is hard to match, it is no wonder Shakespeare returned to the town in his later years.

The river and its banks are impeccably maintained, providing a tranquillity that is unmatched in the surrounded areas. It is the ideal setting for a picnic or a casual stroll down the banks through the town, offering unparalleled views of such celebrated and world famous landmarks such as the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Holy Trinity Church.

More adventurous visitors may prefer to partake in one of the many river cruises and river dining experiences. With boats ranging from single person kayaks and private hire Venetian gondolas all the way up to sunset river cruises, there is a way for everyone to enjoy the enchantment of travelling on the water.

Bancroft Gardens is also located on the banks of the river, in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It was originally a piece of land where townspeople would graze their livestock, however in recent times it has evolved in to delightful gardens comprising of wide lawns, flowers and herbs.
The centrepiece of Bancroft Gardens is the Gower memorial. Unveiled in 1888, the memorial depicts a seated Shakespeare, flanked by four of his most famous characters: Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, Falstaff and Prince Hal. The life-sized statues represent the themes of philosophy, tragedy, comedy and history respectively.

The Country Artists Fountain also sits proudly outside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre entrance. It depicts two magnificent swans, sculpted by Christine Lee and inaugurated by the Queen in 1996.

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Stratford Upon Avon's River Avon

Last modified: November 19, 2012

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