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Hall’s Croft

Hall’s Croft was the family home owned by William Shakespeare’s eldest daughter, Susanna Hall, and her husband Dr John Hall. The couple lived here until they inherited New Place from Shakespeare after his death in 1616. The lavish residence is befitting of a well-respected physician and its décor perfectly compliments the Tudor time.

Many rare artefacts and furnishings are contained in this elegant home, including a first edition of Dr Hall’s medical notes dated 1657. His legacy is preserved most notably as the man who prescribed an herbal cure for scurvy, roughly 100 years before physicians began notoriously prescribing limes for its treatment and cure.

A typical apothecary is found in the consulting room, complete with original books and equipment. A stunning collection of 16th and 17th century paintings are also present throughout.

The scenic walled gardens comprise of striking roses and herbs that Dr Hall would have used in his medicines and antidotes. Throughout the summer, some of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays are brought to life in this charming backdrop of time-honoured scenery.

Hall’s Croft Café serves visitors with snacks and refreshments, made with locally sourced ingredients, giving you the perfect opportunity to take in the milieu and marvel at its historical significance.

Between 21st April and 31st December 2012, the subjects of home, journeys and exile are investigated and challenge in the context of Shakespeare in a new exhibition. The exhibition spans across the Shakespeare Centre, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre as well as Hall’s Croft, however admission to all three venues is incorporated in to the admission fee at Hall’s Croft.

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